Swing State Goes RED – Trump LEADING!

Trump has suddenly pulled ahead of Biden in dramatic fashion in the key swing state of Michigan, according to a new poll.

The poll, conducted by Kaplan Strategies, shows former President Donald Trump not just leading current President Joe Biden by fifteen points, but also enjoying an absolute majority of polled likely voters. Were the election conducted today, Trump would enjoy the support of 51 percent of the surveyed group, while Biden would win only 36 percent. Biden won a victory in the battleground state in the midst of charges of election tampering that, to date, have not been proven in a court of law—if the results of this poll prove reliable, 2024 could be 2020s mirror opposite in the northern state.

While other polls have shown Trump leading in Michigan, the breadth of the spread in this latest poll may be a big cause of concern for Democrats. Michigander documentary filmmaker and activist Michael Moore recently predicted on his podcast that Michigan would break for Trump unless Biden could do something dramatic to turn around sentiment in the state, and this latest poll seems to confirm his diagnosis.

Kaplan Strategies reckons the survey’s margin of error at plus-or-minus 3.5 percentage points.

The polling firm reports that Trump’s campaign has been very successful in stabilizing his image in the public, giving him a consistent favorability/unfavorability ratio in the minds of votors. Biden, on the other hand, has not been able to maintain a favorable ratio in the minds of voters, and as a result his overall appeal is slipping. One of Trump’s main obstacles is the abortion issue, on which opinions are sharply divided on more than one axis across the country.

Another recent poll, conducted by Emerson College and The Hill, showed Biden trailing Trump in Michigan by a one percent margin (44 percent broke for Biden, 45 percent for Trump). Biden has also been trailing Trump in six other swing states in recent weeks.