Billionaire’s Wife TROLLED – She Did WHAT?!

Shame on her.

Kathreine Asplundh, Instagram influencer and wife of 27-year old billionaire Cabot Asplundh who is heir to an abroist fortune in Pennsylvania, has landed herself in a bit of a PR pickle. Only two weeks into the couple’s marriage, the Internet personality has shut down her Instagram account in response to an online lynch mob that went after her for a bit of Internet bullying gone viral.

It seems that, intoxicated with her newfound status as having recently married into a powerful family, she began harassing a stranger whose username matches Katherine’s married name, and demanding that the stranger surrender her handle to the more wealthier woman.

In fairness, she did offer to buy the other woman’s username, but was refused on the grounds that it was a violation of the rules. After the refusal, Katherine’s rhetoric turned abusive.

The exchange galvanized netizens against her, and they immediately took to creating dozens of sock puppet accounts which claimed every possible username variant of Katherine Asplundh’s married name and maiden name.

The target of her harassment happily leaked the threatening DM conversation. As the backlash mounted, Katherine deactivated her Instagram account, which had 14,600 followers.

Katherine isn’t quite done with the Internet yet. She has continued posting on TikTok under her ironically-chosen @lostetiquette handle, given that her recent conduct reveals that she has lost her sense of etiquette. Her most recent video showed her final dress fitting before her lavish Palm Beach wedding ceremony in April.

In response, the cancel mob dug up and circulated a video Katherine had posted to TikTo a couple years ago, in which she mocked new wives for eagerly updating their social media handles to match their married names. In the video, she insinuated that such over-eager behavior shows a kind of weakness. Such women, she said, should “chill.”

Katherine quickly deleted the video in question and then said that she now thinks she may wait a couple of months before updating her social media handles.