About Conservative Core

Conservative Core represents the heart of Conservative American values. Traditional values are at the center of everything we report on. The values we hold so dear also reflect the parts of life we love and protect most: freedom, the ability to defend our families and communities, respect for fellow citizens, a faith-centered life, a respect for the sanctity of life, and a socially and fiscally responsible federal government.

Our Values & Keeping You Informed

At Conservative Core, we value the self-sufficient hardworking American family. We want what is best for our communities. Our values aren’t just choices. They’re necessities for living the dreams set out by the Founding Fathers and framers of our Constitution.

We endeavor to get to the heart of what matters in Conservative news, from the courthouse to the state house and the White House. What happens in these places matters, and we’ll bring you the latest news on how these issues can affect your life.

Respect for the American Way

At the center of what we do is a deep-seeded respect for American values and those who serve. We respect the veterans, law enforcement officers, and other emergency responders who put their lives on the line every day to protect American citizens and American principles.

Points of Focus

We hold public officials to a high standard, especially those who get elected on the Conservative values we hold dear. We expect public officials to keep government spending to a minimum, especially at a federal level, and we dislike the federal government interfering in state-level decisions and in our lives on an individual level. We report on issues that explore the damage done by rampant liberal spending at the top levels of government.

We break down tough concepts like gas prices, the welfare state, and inflation to help you understand how these big issues affect you. You’ll find coverage on all of this and more in our Points of Focus section each day.

Foundational Outlook

We value Conservative messages and opinions. You can trust that our news puts the needs of your family first, because we hold the traditional American family in very high regard. We are here to support faith-based communities. Whether you’re a farmer, a homemaker, or one of the many brave men and women in uniform risking your life to defend freedom daily, we consider it our mission to bring the best Conservative news to you.

Our Foundational Outlook pieces aim to to just that. When a story requires a deeper dive, you’ll find everything you hoped to know, minus the fluff and vitriol.

Keeping America Free

A truly great America is one that remains free: free of debt to foreign powers, free to bear arms to defend ourselves, and free to protect the unborn. We value the need to secure our borders, keeping terrorists and vagrants out, and we know that keeping manufacturing in America is the key to securing jobs in a future threatened by automation and false facts from the liberal media.

Securing a stable and free life here at home while preserving democracy around the world is vital to remaining the world leader when it comes to representing what it means to be free. From picturesque, windswept, mountainous deserts to the golden plains of the Midwest to the sweeping majesty of the Appalachian Mountains, we value the beauty and freedom of our great and prosperous nation and aim to keep it free.

About Conservative Core Staff

Conservative Core’s staff represents people from all over America hoping to save our country’s soul with old-fashioned, conservative values. Most of our writers come from communities of faith. They’re from traditional families and respect other citizens. At the center of Conservative Core’s staff is the desire to improve things: to protect our way of life with Word and weapons.

Our staff members value you, your family, your community, and the sanctity of life. We appreciate you trusting us to bring you the latest and greatest in Conservative news with Conservative values.


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