New Witness to Alleged 1973 ‘UFO’ Abduction Makes Bizzare Claims

An episode of the new documentary series “Files Of The Unexplained” on Netflix centers on Maria Blair, an alleged witness to a famous alien abduction in 1973. 

Episode one of the Netflix series focuses on Calvin Parker’s close encounters when he was 19. He claims he fearlessly grabbed an extraterrestrial creature by the neck. He said it was a “skinny-*a**” female. 

Once fearing ridicule, Blair has recently decided to speak out about seeing the abduction unfold. Jerry, her late husband, and she were both there across the marsh when she saw an oval-shaped craft abduct a couple of fishermen (Calvin Parken and Charles Hickson) and fly away with them.

Blair was waiting for a boat to transport her husband to an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. She said she saw blue lights begin to flash, which is in line with the allegations given by Parker and Charles Hickson to the authorities. She watched them for over half an hour.

The alleged witness told UFO researchers Philip Mantle and Dr. Irene Scott that after a significant splash in the water, at least one of the extraterrestrials came quite near to Blair. Something that seemed like a human sprang out from the sea. She had a close encounter with the creature. She yelled to Jerry, “There’s somebody out there.” In her mind, there was no way it was a fish.

‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt,’ a new book co-authored by Mantle and Dr. Scott on the case that came out last September, detailed how the pair had first come to Mantle’s attention when he saw an anonymous remark their youngest daughter had left on a YouTube video.

Angela Maria Blair, the oldest daughter, clarified that this story had been hidden in the family for a long time. 

The ‘alien’ creatures with the pincer-clawed jaws were a constant source of terror for her. Both the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and astronomer J. Allen Hynek—a former United States Air Force unidentified flying object (UFO) investigator—investigated the kidnapping case in the mid-1970s.