Family That Smuggled, Forced Migrant Girls Arrested

Since the 46th president of the United States Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, things have been far from peaceable in the affairs of the United States at both the domestic and international levels of federal politics. Indeed, since Biden entered the oval office, a general feeling of instability and turmoil has engulfed the nation. Rampant levels of inflation peaked at heights not witnessed since the 1970s in the fall of 2022 and continue to hurt already struggling families of the shrinking American middle class. At the southern border, millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation since January of 2021. On the international stage, foreign adversaries of the United States have been emboldened by Bidens weak and incoherent leadership. Russia invaded Ukraine in early 2022 and remains stalemated in the bloody conflict in Eastern Europe. China continues to threaten U.S. dominance in the pacific, and recently flew aerial military maneuvers over the island of Taiwan. In late 2023, Hamas, a Muslim terrorist organization invaded Israel, killing over a thousand innocent individuals.

This has not boded well for Biden in terms of the polls and public perception.  In most recent published reports, Biden carries a negative approval rating, with more citizens disapproving of his performance as president than approving. Surprisingly, (possibly owing to his rivals’ extreme unpopularity), despite presiding over arguably the most problematic and abysmal first few years as president in the history of the country, Biden remains in a statistical dead heat with Donald Trump, the former 45th president and Republican nominee.

Bidens crisis at the southern border has not only placed the national security of America at risk, but it is creating a humanitarian catastrophe for those involved. A federal judge recently handed down severe sentences to three siblings who smuggled illegal migrants into America. These migrants were forced to work for the family and the young girls were violently and sexually abused.