Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Son Detained, Struggles to Afford an Attorney

Rifle, Colorado, police detained 18-year-old Tyler Boebert on Tuesday about a slew of thefts and trespassings in the town. Boebert is the son of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation records indicate that Tyler Boebert was involved in unlawful activities related to vehicle break-ins, targeting credit cards and essential identification documents like driver’s licenses and passports. Officials have not disclosed specific information about this case.

Tyler is facing multiple allegations, including criminal possession of stolen financial devices and identity cards, according to the CBI records that were made public on Tuesday night. Both charges are considered class 6 crimes, which carry a maximum fine of $100,000 and a jail term of 12–18 months, in addition to the 15 misdemeanor and petty charges against Boebert.

The officer who made the arrest said that he could track down the criminals by consulting bank records. After reviewing the surveillance tape from the gas station, the officer recognized Tyler Boebert, with whom he had previously dealt. Boebert sported a sweatshirt with the emblem of Shooters Grill, the eatery where his mother had previously worked. In addition to him, the video also features three other people of interest.

Rifle High School’s principal was contacted by the police seeking assistance in confirming the names of Tyler Boebert and his accomplices.

An Officer contacted Tyler Boebert on Tuesday, and Boebert voluntarily consented to meet with the officer outside his home. The police apprehended Tyler Boebert after a brief interrogation.

On Thursday, Tyler Boebert stated that Boebarts is having trouble affording counsel in the Garfield County Court.

After informing Tyler Boebert of his options, Judge John Neiley gave him time to decide whether to work with a private attorney or a public defense.

May 9th is the day set for Tyle Boebert’s next court appearance.

While juggling a brutal reelection campaign, Tyler Boebert’s mother has dealt with the legal difficulties surrounding her son.

After Lauren Boebert’s divorce from Jayson Boebert was finalized in October, she announced that she would switch districts in December. Transferring to the more conservative 4th congressional district, she will be leaving the more liberal 3rd district of the state.

Lauren Boebert spoke about her love for her son Tyler, who has been through a lot as a young man, including dealing with the negative and unwelcome attention he has received.