Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation to Protect Minors From Child Predators

As the 2024 presidential election nears ever closer, the Republican presidential nomination has been secured by Donald Trump. Trump ran away from the contest from the beginning, and had long maintained a large, double digit lead over what was his biggest rival, Ron DeSantis. Trump had maintained this lead even while facing criminal charges and a slew of negative media coverage against him. It appeared that the more leftists and other opponents of the former president railed against him the more powerful he became, and his poll numbers consistently held steady or even increased despite claims that he was weakening and could not hope to win a general election contest. It is clear that most Americans on the right still want Trump as their president and he will be appearing in the general contest in November 2024 against Joe Biden, the incumbent president.

The entire development was truly astounding, as despite facing many indictments Trump held strong. Even when activists attempted to utilize an outdated and irrelevant clause in the 14th amendment (written after the American Civil War to bar individuals who served the confederacy from holding American political office at the federal level ever again), he still emerged triumphant. A legal scholar named Jonathan Turley stated that he is skeptical of the theory and views it as potentially dangerous. He was proven correct, and in a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court ensured the argument was destroyed as it would set dangerous political precedent. Trump and Biden are currently locked in a dead heat.

It appears that cultural questions will once again play a central role in the political contest this time around. One of these questions surrounds radical new public school curriculums implemented in blue states that promote toxic ideologies and age-inappropriate sexualized materials for children in the name of “gender-ideology and the LGBTQ movement”. The governor of Florida Ron DeSantis recently signed a bill protecting individuals from predators.