REVEALED – Britney Spears is BROKE?!

After a blockbuster year when her operation grossed $40 million last year, rumors are flying that Britney Spears is on the edge of going broke.

The pop star’s massive proceeds came through dozens of streams of income, including social media, song royalties, her cut of the sales of her perfumes (such as “Fantasy”), and her recent memoir The Woman in Me.

Where can the money be going? An insider source told The Daily Mail Online that while Britney buys a lot of clothes, she sticks to regular consumer labels, not designer fare. However, the same source did say that the singer burns through money on vacations, and sometimes cancels her plans at the last minute, making her ineligible for refunds.

She reportedly blows over a million dollars per trip to places like Hawaii and French Polynesia, and fritters away thousands on five star resorts and private jets for more routine getaways.

Spears was under a court-ordered conservatorship for thirteen years, during which time she didn’t have control of her own finances or business. When the arrangement ended in 2021, there was a plan to help Britney come up to speed with managing her day-to-day affairs. Unfortunately, according to US Weekly, nobody followed the plan, and the fortune has been bleeding away.

In April 2024, a report from TMZ said that Spears’s friends believe she is “completely dysfunctional” and that she is in a worse financial and mental state than she was during her period of conservatorship. They claim that she is now suffering from radical, shocking mood swings and has been increasingly isolating herself from close relationships. Some of those close to her worry that she was better off under the conservatorship. The conservatorship, they argue, protected her from her own worst impulses. Now, she’s in danger of insolvency.

Despite all this, another insider said that the singer doesn’t really have a huge problem with finances, and is going to be fine.