UK Witnesses Surge in Migrant Cases Claiming Asylum

In Britain, the current level of net migration is unsustainable, and it is also placing tremendous strain on already-strained public services.

Unfortunately, many are taking advantage of the country’s lenient immigration policies. An apparent gap is being used as a backdoor to remain in Britain.

According to leaked statistics, the number of asylum claims made by foreign people entering the UK on temporary visas is increasing.

Visa holders applied for refugee status in a record 21,525 cases last year. In the previous decade, this process was used to seek refuge in an unprecedented 102,000 cases.

They figure that the immigration system, crippled by New Labour’s Human Rights Act, is so flawed that they will never be deported, regardless of whether they are escaping persecution or war back home.

The expense to taxpayers, who are obligated to provide housing and food, is increasing alarmingly.

Home Secretary James Cleverly states that closing immigration loopholes is like trying to hit a whack-a-mole target from a carnival game. As soon as one is addressed, another one appears.

Asylum is increasingly seen as a fraudulent enterprise, and fewer people see it as a sincere plea for assistance.

After a successful effort to rein in “sick-note Britain,” Prime Minister Sunak revealed a widely accepted plan to increase defense expenditures to 2.5% of GDP.

The scheme was passed into law despite a guerrilla struggle by Labour members opposed to the Rwanda Bill. With hundreds of illegal immigrants already sneaking into Ireland, its deterring impact is noticeable even before a single aircraft has taken off.

On the other hand, Mr. Sunak may face one of his most challenging weeks as premier this coming week. An unassuming former Conservative minister named Dan Poulter switched to the Labour Party on Saturday, dealing a blow to him.

In addition to losing the by-election in Blackpool South, the Conservatives may face a massacre in Thursday’s municipal elections.

That would fuel the fire of those who want Mr. Sunak removed from office since he has been unable to reverse a 20-point polling disadvantage.

The issues of immigration, asylum seekers, and illegal border-crossers are becoming worldwide, putting pressure and strains on world leaders,