California Governor Roasted for Claiming ‘Record Tourism Numbers’

A new video that Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom uploaded boasts about what he claims are record-breaking tourist numbers in the state.

But is he telling the truth?

Social media users wasted no time bringing up the several problems that California is facing, such as high housing costs, homelessness, and violence.

Newsom started the video standing on the Golden Gate Bridge, calling it proof of America’s excellence and the magnificence of California.  He claimed a record-breaking $150 billion was spent by tourists in the state and that the viewers should visit beautiful California soon.

Many were eager to voice their disapproval of the governor’s video on X.

A commenter asked if the several millions of illegal migrants flooding into California are being referred to as tourists.

Another commenter noted that having thousands of illegal immigrants breach your border is not considered tourism.

One person said that it was a weird way to commemorate inflation.

Another person said that resident status in California has just reached a record low, and many people are rushing to leave.

According to data from Newsom’s office, California still has the biggest proportion of the national tourist industry. Last year, the state’s record-breaking travel expenditure was $150.4 billion, up from $144.9 billion the previous year.

Brian Jones, the California Senate minority leader, disagreed with Newsom’s calculations. Jones told a cable news network that, after accounting for inflation, tourist expenditures would have to reach an unprecedented $173 billion to surpass the 2019 figure.

“Gavinomics” has driven up prices across the board in California.

As usual, this governor is engaging in more deceitful tactics. According to Jones, he should stop trying to make headlines by using misleading data and start addressing the real problems facing California, such as homelessness, affordability, and violence.

James Gallagher, the Republican leader of the California Assembly, felt the same way.

Factoring in inflation, tourism fell 14% during Gavin’s tenure, proving that these figures are just fabricated. According to Gallagher, no amount of Newsom propaganda will erase the fact that homelessness and crime are now the California brand.