Trump Files Unsealed Motion to Dismiss Classified Documents Case

Former President Donald Trump has filed his third unsealed motion this year stemming from his Mar-A-Lago classified documents case that is still underway. Donald Trump filed the motions to dismiss U.S. Department of Justice Jack Smith, for his classified documents case deeming it a “vindictive and selective” prosecution.

Trump’s initial file for motion occurred in February of this year, in which the motion was authorized to be filed by Judge Aileen Cannon, who is the standing judge in Trump’s Mar-A-Lago classified documents case. That same month, Trump’s legal team filed multiple motions to dismiss Jack Smith’s case against the former president, where it is alleged Trump stored classified documents from his presidential term in his Floridian home.

However, Judge Cannon has denied Trump’s filed motions to dismiss the case in the past, due to what Cannon labeled as, “unconstitutional vagueness”, which falls under the Espionage Act. Currently, the third motion Trump and his team filed which alleges selective prosecution is still pending a determination from the Florida judge.

Donald Trump’s reasoning for calling out selective prosecution against him stems from  Trump having insider information that alleges other White House politicians are responsible for committing the same acts that Trump is being prosecuted for. In Trump’s most recent unsealed motion to dismiss, Trump has called out the names of President Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Trump’s former VP Mike Pence, and former FBI Director James Comey, for all holding classified federal documents in the residencies of their own homes and offices. Trump’s legal team argues that President Biden and Former President Bill Clinton have been storing documents in their homes and offices, stating that some of the locations have no security guarding them.

On top of these statements, Trump has continued to bring up the fact that Hillary Clinton had deleted over 30,000 classified emails yet none of the stated individuals have faced charges under the Espionage Act.