12-Year-Old Dies Following Deadly Car Crash on Way to Fishing Trip

A tragic accident claimed the life of a 12-year-old boy who was on his way to go fishing with a buddy during the Easter holiday weekend.

On March 28, a Toyota Prado struck Joel West and a companion while driving in Dunsborough in Western Australia, north of Margaret River.

West’s femur, which had fractured in two places, required a seven-hour surgery after he was evacuated to Perth Children’s Hospital. He needed twenty transfusions of blood since the accident fractured his ribs and seriously damaged his liver and kidneys.

The boy has gone to “be with his dad in heaven,” according to an update posted on their fundraising website by Jennifer McNab, a close friend of Joel’s mother Ronan.

Two years ago, Joel’s father committed suicide, adding another tragic loss to the family.

On Sunday, Joel passed away in the intensive care unit (ICU) from his injuries; his mother, Roanna, was by his side.

After Joel’s dad passed away, Ms. West was already dealing with grief.

According to Ms. McNab, Joel “fought very hard” but ultimately succumbed to his injuries because his “little body couldn’t cope” with the damage to his liver and kidneys.

She expressed gratitude for everyone’s support and added that the boy’s mother and siblings were heartbroken.

Ro has much appreciated the support, messages, calls, and texts, according to Ms. McNab’s statement.

Donations to cover his funeral expenses are now being sought by his family.

The Western Australian police are investigating the death of Joel in conjunction with the Major Crash section.

After eleven years, Roanna and her family were forced to leave their Dunsborough property because the rental market became unaffordable.

They couldn’t find a house, so they had to move to Eaton (one hour away.)

Nearly forty thousand dollars have been raised through fundraising.