IRS Planning a 50 Percent Increase in Audit Rates for Wealthy Taxpayers

The IRS has announced a 50% increase in the audit rates of high-net-worth individuals and organizations.

It has been stated that the Internal Revenue Service would be making use of monies allocated to it via the Inflation Reduction Act (a repressive ‘climate change’ measure) that President Biden passed into law in 2022.

Taxpayers with incomes over $10 million could anticipate a 50% rise in the audit rate.  Over the next seven years, the IRS intends to double the audit rate for companies with $250 million or more in assets and multiply it by ten for business partnerships with $10 million or more.

Due to the increased volume and complexity of filings by big businesses, partnerships, and affluent individuals, the IRS has claimed that it doesn’t anticipate audit rates surpassing the levels achieved in 2010.

According to IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel, the IRS claims it will leave individuals with yearly incomes below $400,000. But, Republicans believe that the IRS will unfairly target middle-class Americans with its new expansion.

Following the hiring of 87,000 more agents in December of last year, the IRS raised the tax fine for underpayments to 8%.

President Biden’s recent proposals include the most enormous capital gains tax rate in more than a century: an effective rate of 44.6% on dividends and capital gains.

Many states would have capital gains taxes that are more than 50% under Biden’s plan. As a whole, the federal and state rates in California will be 59%, in New Jersey 55.3%, in Oregon 54.5%, in Minnesota 54.4%, and in New York state 53.4%.

A rate of 20% is applied to capital gains in China. Californians will face nearly three times that rate.

Even worse, CGT is not linked to inflation. Certain “gains” are not really “there,” and Americans are already trapped into paying taxes on them. It’s a tax on inflation, and it’s exceptionally high because of Biden’s high inflation rate.

Double taxation occurs often with capital gains taxes. The capital gains tax is an additional tax levied on top of the existing 21% federal corporate income tax when profits from stocks, stock mutual funds, or stock exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are realized.

Biden has also proposed a 28% increase in corporate income tax.