Teenager Stabbed Multiple Times at Deception Bay, 16 Year Old Arrested

In the United States, since the COVID-19 pandemic the social and economic conditions existing in many major cities have quickly deteriorated. Since the murder of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, many politicians on the left wing of the political spectrum have advocated for “reform” movements in terms of the judicial system. Many others have openly demonized law enforcement and called for the “defunding” of police. In cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis, law enforcement officials have been “hamstrung” and many legislative restrictions have limited their ability to pursue criminals, perform the essential tasks of their job, keep order and ensure public safety.

Indeed, many progressive politicians even at the federal level such as Alexandra Ocasio Cortez of Queens, New York have radically criticized the police. As a result of these criticisms and the black lives matter movement that gained widespread support from many progressives and left wing voters over the 2020 calendar year, Democratic politicians in many states and cities radically altered judicial laws and lessened or removed entirely penalties for “low level” crimes. Offenses like petty theft or looting saw widespread reductions in penalties, and crime has increased across the board in many areas. Violent crime is also higher than before the pandemic. Another area in which Democrats restricted the authority of law abiding citizens at the expense of those who seek to take advantage of the system is in regard to landlords and small property owners.

Violent crime continues to rise in cities, and at a McDonald’s in Brisbane, Australia a 17 year old kid was stabbed by another teenager. He was struck in the neck, face, and chest at 9:30pm in the evening in early April. Two workers rushed to his aid, and the boy was saved. A 16 year old was charged with grievous bodily harm. The location was temporarily closed following the harrowing incident. Another 13 year old child was also charged.