LASD Deputy Shot in Broad Daylight at Traffic Signal, Suspect Arrested

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced the arrest of a known gang member for being charged in connection with a shooting of a motorcycle patrol deputy. Deputy Samuel Aispuro was awaiting a red light when 47-year-old Raymundo Duran shot Deputy Aispuro in his back.

The incident occurred in broad daylight, just before 3 PM, at the intersection of North Baranca Street and East Garvey Avenue in West Covina, California. The LASD claimed that the shooting appeared to be an ambush-style attack. LA County Sheriff Luna announced to press officials during a recent conference that Deputy Aispuro was in full uniform, as well as riding a marked LASD motorcycle.

Sheriff Luna elaborated in his press conference that the suspect Raymundo Duran was initially arrested a day after the shooting for drinking and driving in San Diego County following the attack. Through examination of evidence, the police quickly realized that Duran was connected to the shooting of Deputy Aispuro after they found a firearm in his car at the time of the arrest. Sheriff Luna further explained that Duran is a notorious gang member in Los Angeles with a lengthy criminal record that involves many heinous criminal acts.

Duran’s mugshot released by the LASD shows the suspect with facial and neck tattoos, indicating his gang affiliations. Fox News also reported on the matter claiming that Raymundo Duran was also the same suspect involved in a police chase in Covina, California back in 2021.

On top of facing charges on the counts of driving under the influence and firearm possession, suspect Raymundo Duran now faces attempted murder charges.

Luckily for Deputy Aispuro, he was wearing a bulletproof vest during the time of the attack, which ultimately saved his life. Deputy Aispuro has served the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for nearly two decades. He is currently at home making a full recovery surrounded by the care of his wife and two young children.