Expert Says Melania Trump Finally ‘Easing into Trump Campaign’

Rumor has it that Melania Trump is starting to get into the rhythm of the Trump campaign after the speculation that her marriage is in disarray, evidenced by her absence.

The former model, born in Slovenia, has been conspicuously missing while her husband, Donald Trump, runs for president for the third time.

Monday marks the start of his first criminal trial, and she has not yet decided what to do. At issue in Trump’s trial are claims that he lied about an adulterous encounter he allegedly had with porn actress Stormy Daniels. He’s been accused of altering company documents to conceal a payoff for the X-rated actress’s silence.

An ex-assistant claims that the 53-year-old Melania was “humiliated” by the allegations of an affair between Trump and Daniels.

Republicans collected almost $50 million for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign at a big fundraiser in early April, and Melania Trump was also there. She has a fundraiser scheduled on April 20th to support the so-called Log Cabin Republicans, a group of conservative LGBTQ individuals. The ex-first lady’s recent low-key appearances have left many wondering whether she is trying to quell rumors about her and her spouse’s “stormy” relationship or to assist her husband’s reclamation of the presidency in November.

According to historian Katherine Jellison of Ohio University, who specializes in presidential marriages, the charity appearances show that Melania Trump has changed a lot. Instead of shaking hands and striking up conversations with a large group of voters—the more conventional campaign duties for a politician’s spouse—she seems to be more at ease participating in these gatherings.

Before this, Melania Trump’s big public appearances were a real challenge. During her time as First Lady, she was mocked for her remarks at the 2016 Republican National Convention and for her travels, most notably to a shelter for migrant children who had just arrived from Mexico. Since then, she has been cautious and frugal with her public appearances.