Trump Compares Self to Nelson Mandela for Free Speech Support

Trump has compared himself to Nelson Mandela and said that he would “gladly” go to prison to defend his right to free speech.

In a three-part post to his Truth Social account, he drew parallels to the South African leader who sat 27 years in prison before he succeeded in ending apartheid.

The post disclosed how the GOP frontrunner planned to avoid the increased gag order in his impending New York hush money trial and showed that he considered himself one of the greatest heroes of recent times.

He called Judge Juan Marchan “Crooked” for not allowing him to communicate and taking away his First Amendment Rights. Marchan’s daughter is not part of the case, but he persisted by making threats against her and publishing images of her online. He asked how many corrupt, biased, and crooked judges from the “Protection Agency” in New York he would have to undergo before someone would intervene.

He continued by mentioning Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan, who, in the defamation lawsuit filed by writer E. Jean Carroll, authorized Trump’s $91,630,000 bond last month.

He continued by asserting that Carroll, who accused Trump of “penetrating” her in a Manhattan dressing room in 1996, was unaware of the exact date of the alleged “incident.” He then went on to criticize the man who presided over his civil defamation case, which is currently in its second stage following a jury’s verdict that Trump was liable for assaulting Carroll and awarded her $5 million in damages.

In January, a jury handed down a defamation judgment of $83 million to Carrol.

Meanwhile, Trump took to Twitter to express his frustration with Kaplan, describing him as a “crazed bully” who prevented his lawyers from presenting a proper case, split the case into two instead of one, and let his wife and friends sit in a separate section of the courthouse every day, admiringly prodding him on.

Trump’s rants continued for two more postings.

Sixty percent of those who responded to Trump’s earlier Truth Social post expressed their agreement that the Republican Party should retain Trump on the ticket despite a conviction. He says that even if convicted, Trump would run for office, referencing his comparison to Nelson Mandela.