Teenage Twin Sisters Go Missing in Detroit, Search Underway

Three weeks had passed since George Ogden last saw his twin daughters, who were fourteen years old when they absconded.

The Ogden girls, Aniya and Anieca, were last seen at George’s house on March 8. Their whereabouts have been primarily unknown since they departed. Their father’s concern for their well-being has only intensified over the last weeks.

Two adolescent girls from Detroit have been missing for over a month, and their father is requesting the public’s assistance in locating them. The thirteen-year-old twin sisters Aniya and Anieca Ogden were last seen on March 8 at their father’s residence.

The girls allegedly ran away from home on Robson Street, near Curtis Street and east of Greenfield Road, in Detroit.

Since the ninth-grade pupils from Mumford High School did not bring their mobile phones, the authorities have not been able to trace them. Nonetheless, detectives are still in the area because of the information the school counselor offers.

George Ogden pleaded, asking if anyone had seen his children tell them to return home. Tell them what they’re doing is wrong. They aren’t safe until they’re at home.

George warned that the situation is perilous because the children, who are just fourteen years old, are unaware of the threats in the world.

Their abrupt departure caught him off guard. For a single parent trying to provide for his children, it’s been devastating.

Both girls are five feet tall, weigh 130 pounds, and have brown eyes and sandy brown hair.

Anieca wore orange Nike ‘Jordan’ sneakers, shorts, and a beige tank top. What Aniya wore remains a mystery.

Just days before they vanished, the children allegedly ran away from their grandmother’s home in River Rouge, Michigan.

Before they disappeared for good, their father had tracked them down and returned them home.

As of March 29, 86 individuals, including runaways, remain missing, according to the Detroit Police Department’s Missings Weekly Report.