Seizing Trump’s Assets Could Backfire Big Time For Letitia James

If New York Attorney General Letitia James confiscates Donald Trump’s properties, it may be seen as a move that could aid Trump’s presidential campaign.

According to pollster Frank Luntz, this would boost the Republican’s popularity to the point that Trump could paint, and rightly so, his opponents as “pathetic.” ‘

James may start taking Trump’s money and properties if he doesn’t generate a bond sum by March 25. Judge Arthur Engoron determined that Trump must pay almost $454 million in penalties for fraud, including interest.

A total of $370 million, plus interest, was sought in the case initially filed by New York Attorney General James, which had initially sought $250 million in damages. After the former president’s legal team said this week that paying the total civil fraud penalty would be “a practical impossibility,” many began to wonder whether James would soon start taking the president’s properties or if he would be compelled to sell up part of his real estate empire to cover the punishment.

In September 2023, Trump was found guilty of financial fraud and sentenced to pay $355 million with interest. He was also forbidden from conducting business in New York for three years. He insists he is innocent and that the accusations are politically driven.

He has decided to appeal Engoron’s decision.

The bond firms are wary of giving Trump the money because they could have to enforce the bond against a sitting president if he wins the November election. Trump also needs an independent monitor who answers Engoron to approve the bond.

According to Luntz, if Trump is doing well in certain surveys leading up to the election, it’s because his opponents are ignorant and have been conducting a terrible campaign.

Trump and the Trump team on Truth Social asked when it would ever be considered illegal for a sitting president to use legal action against his opponent in an attempt to interfere with the election.

They said that several eminent law scholars have agreed with Trump that “Crooked Joe” Biden has long since crossed that line.