Prison Hit With Scandal As Six Inmates Die In Quick Succession

A prison that has been experiencing significant problems has unfortunately seen the deaths of six inmates in the previous three weeks. It was the facility’s nurse being arrested for having an affair with an inmate that brought this prison into the public eye.

Compared to other correctional institutions, a study revealed that this one had a more significant number of inmates who thought getting illegal narcotics inside the prison was easy (almost 50% during an inspection in 2022).

The crimes at HMP Parc, a type B prison in Bridgend, South Wales, are the subject of an inquiry. Inappropriate interactions between inmates and staff, bullying, and corruption have all been leveled against the facility.

Tragically, convicts Jason Hussey and John Rose passed away on February 27, according to reports. The G4S-run prison, which can house up to 1,700 inmates, has seen the deaths of four more inmates since then.

The self-harm rates were high, and five occurrences with significant implications occurred in the first half of 2022, according to the HM Chief Inspector of Prisons.

A June 2023 survey indicated that Parc had 1,734 convicts, above its approved normal housing capacity of 1,559.

Claire Wilks, a whistleblower, asserts that prison administrators abandoned her, enabling her other inmates to degrade her to the status of “a grass” (a stool pigeon) and even physically harm her.

A Prisons and Probation Ombudsman representative has confirmed that separate investigations into the recent fatalities at HMP Parc are underway.

Their identities will not be released to the public until the prison has notified their nearest kin.

According to a representative from the South Wales Central Coroner’s office, every death that occurs while a person is in prison requires an inquest. The Coroner’s and Justice Act of 2009 dictates the standard procedure for opening an inquest in open court. At the commencement of the inquest, the public record will contain the following information about the deceased: name, date of birth, and cause of death.