Guns Rights Activist Gets EMERGENCY SURGERY!

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Brobert underwent for an acute blood clot in her upper left leg. The clot was discovered by doctors when Brobert rushed to the hospital to get her leg—which had swollen severely—examined. According to a statement posted to Facebook by her campaign staff, Rep. Brobert is suffering from May-Thuner syndrome. The syndrome occurs when the veins which supply blood to the legs press against one another, leading to Deep Vein Thrombosis.

The surgery was carried out at UCHealth Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado. According to the statement, the swelling in Brobert’s leg was caused by a clot, which was discovered during a CT scan. The procedure saw the removal of the clot and the insertion of a stent which is expected to control the Congresswoman’s symptoms going forward.

After her prescribed post-surgery bed-rest, Brobert is expected to recover fully. Neither her long term-health, nor her ability to perform her Congressional duties, appear to be impacted by the post-surgical medical situation, according to the campaign’s statement.

Dr. Rebecca Bade let the surgical team who operated on the Congresswoman. She was cited by the campaign as explaining that patients who suffer from May-Thurner Syndrome, and receive the same surgery as the Congresswoman—which restores blood flow to areas affected by the condition—generally experience no further issues once they recovery period has past.

Brobert hails from Colorado’s 3rd Congressional district, but for the 2024 election cycle she is running for the same position in Colorado’s  4th Congressional district.

In the campaign’s Facebook Post, Congresswoman Brobert expressed great appreciation for the care and insight she received from the UCHealth medical team in light of her diagnosis. She said that she is happily anticipating a full recovery, so she can return to Congress to continue the fight for the interests of her constituents. She expressed particular thanks to Dr., Rebecca Bade and the surgical team who saved her leg.