US Accuses China of Supporting Russia in Ukraine War

The US Ambassador to NATO has accused China of helping Russia fight Ukraine. Julianne Smith said China portrays itself as neutral but has been supplying Moscow with technology and equipment that has aided its military campaign against Kyiv. She added that Russia would be “in a very different situation without China’s support.” Among the provisions China allegedly supplies are “machine tools, microelectronics, UAV technologies, and nitrocellulose that is used as a propellant,” Smith explained.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are more often referred to as drones and have played a significant role in the Russia – Ukraine conflict. Notably, Smith concedes that the technology supplied by China can have civilian purposes, and she said there is no evidence that the Chinese are providing “lethal support” to the Kremlin.

The Ambassador made the remarks just days before US Secretary of State Antony Blinken left for a trip to Beijing, where he is expected to ask the Chinese government not to aid Moscow. Blinken touched down in the Chinese capital on April 25 with a warning that China-Russia military ties increasingly exasperate the US. Experts warn this could sour improving relations between the US and China, which have improved since Premier Xi Jinping met with President Biden in California last year.

Additionally, Mr. Blinken called on China to level the playing field in global trade and treat American businesses more fairly. The Secretary said the US is concerned about some of China’s “trade policies and non-market economic practices.” Blinken said the United States wants a healthy economic rivalry with China and fairness for American firms based there.

A Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson responded to Mr. Blinken’s comments, saying, “China has always been carrying out economic and trade cooperation in accordance with the principles of the market.”

The Secretary of State is furthermore expected to raise the issue of Fentanyl – a deadly drug that kills thousands of Americans each year and is manufactured using chemicals imported from China.