FOX News Women Attacked: ‘Playing With Barbies’

The anchor of “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough, attacked female Fox News hosts on Thursday for casting doubt on his conservative credentials.

Several Fox News presenters went off the rails at their rival’s drama, rightfully criticizing the insular thinking that would exclude an ex-RNC chair from participating in panel discussions.

Like Ana Navarro on The View, Joe Scarborough is a nodding “yes man” on a political talk show populated by ardent leftists. If Ana or Joe were legitimately on the right, tumultuous on-air debates would be worth watching. It never happens.

The MSNBC host, Scarborough, has claimed to have been a conservative for a long time, but he and his lefty colleagues joined forces to speak out against NBC’s employment of Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Commenting on the cable news spectacle involving NBC News’s appointment and subsequent firing of McDaniel as a contributor, Scarborough said that given McDaniel’s ties to Trump’s 2020 campaign, he “would have strongly objected” to NBC employing her.

There was an on-air censure by almost twelve MSNBC anchors who openly condemned the appointment.

Scarborough explained his political stance by stating that he has been a conservative since the Fox News ladies who condemned him were little girls “playing with Barbies” and that those who favor former president Trump are liberals. How the remark squared with actual liberals that sit on his panel, no one knows. They didn’t fact-check Scarborough, letting him get away with a nonsensical claim.

As revealed by Axios in February, Biden often phones Scarborough, a fan of “Morning Joe,” to seek his thoughts on the topic and vent his frustrations over the media’s portrayal. It would be odd for Biden to call a conservative to commiserate with.

In a message sent to NBC employees, head honcho Cesar Conde apologized for the decision to hire McDaniel, which was announced on Tuesday.