Dark Money FROZEN – Terrorists’ Hands TIED!

The United States Treasury department announced on Wendnesday the 27th that it has identified three corporate entities and two individuals as key elements in a fundraising network for Hamas.

According to a Department of Treasury press release, Aozma Sultana, the director of a company called Al-Qureshi Executives and Aakhirah Limited allegedly partnered Gaza Now founder Mustafa Ayash for multiple fundraisers benefiting the terrorist organization. Allegedly, the two companies donated several thousand dollars to Gaza Now. They also promoted Gaza Now as their fundraising partner at an event following the Oct 7 attack launched by Hamas against Israel.

The release stated firmly that the Treasury intends to enable the flow of humanitarian assistance, especially that which feed, clothe, and meet other basic needs—this determination, however, does not dent its resolution to thwart the fundraising efforts of malicious actors.

The Director of National Intelligence has long designated Hamas a terrorist organization.

Brian E. Nelson, the Treasury’s Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence avowed the Treasury Department’s commitment to eroding Hamas’s financial resources and fundraising capacity, and to degrading Hamas’s ability to fund its terrorist activities. British and American governments, he promised, will bring all available leverage to bear in efforts to disrupt Hamas’s operational capabilities.

The Treasury has imposed sanctions on the parties in question, explaining that this means that property and interests within the territories of the United States, or controlled by proxies who are American nationals, will be blocked from the global financial transaction network. This includes any entity of any sort which is 50 percent owned by any person or combination of persons named in the sanctions.

Gaza Now has, according to a British Treasury press release, been officially labeled as a “terrorism-promoting media network.” The United Kingdom’s statement prominently made a point of Gaza Now’s promotion of both Palestine’s Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Gaza Now’s Telegram account, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP), reaches over 1.8 million people.