China Sanctions Two US Defense Firms Over Arm Sales to Taiwan

As the war in Ukraine continues to rage and the death toll continues to rise, establishment politicians in the United States remain determined to support the conflict. The majority of the American public does not support the government sending additional aid to the Ukrainian war effort, and a CNN poll in early August showed that some 55% oppose continued aid. Despite indicators that the public citizenry to which politicians are accountable is against intervention in the conflict, establishment figures across party lines remain focused on promoting it in government affairs. Mitt Romney, a Republican from Utah, is one of those leaders.

The long-serving career politician stated in August 2023 that he believes it is in the nation’s best interest to continue to provide Ukraine with monies and military supplies to sustain a war effort. The senator is of the opinion that Putin’s motives in the Ukrainian conflict are to re-establish the Soviet Union. Romney also claimed that should the Russians be defeated, a more powerful adversary to American interests (China) would be deterred when considering future foreign aggression. The public servant from Utah also alleged that former president Donald Trump and his “America First” agenda was the reason for the commencement of hostilities. In late 2023, the Biden administration requested congressional approval for another $13 billion in aid to Ukraine. It is unsurprising that many career politicians across party lines support the war effort.

Despite the fear-mongering rhetoric of most American politicians, it is apparent that the conflicts that have occurred over the last several decades in which America has been pointlessly involved have resulted in the nation’s military industrial complex making enormous amounts of profit at the expense of the well-being of the country itself. This complex continues to produce military equipment in high quantities, and has recently delivered arms to Taiwan, the small island nation which China claims sovereignty over. China sanctioned several of these manufacturers in response.