CEO With Putin Links Found Dead in Stalin Skyscraper

Another mysterious death in Russia has rocked the country: a renowned businessman with ties to Putin’s inner circle has been found dead.

Jun Aoki was found dead in the famous Stalin Skyscraper. Aoki was a former associate and close friend of the Kremlin leader.

In the two years after Putin invaded Ukraine, Aoki is the latest prominent individual to die with ties to the Kremlin.

No signs of physical harm were found. Hence, an inquiry into the 55-year-old business magnate’s death is continuing, as reported by RBC.

Some sources state that the chief executive officer (CEO) had a sudden heart attack.

Near Putin’s government offices, in a converted tower hotel, Aoki had not spoken to anyone for days.

The famous tower, now the five-star Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow, was where his body was found after friends and acquaintances contacted the police about his silence.

Aoki, a Japanese industrialist, was a prominent member of the Russian board of trustees, which was headed by a Putin associate.

While Viktor Zubkov, 82, presided over the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Aoki oversaw Yamaha Music in Russia.

Putin and Zubkov’s friendship dates back to the Soviet period when Zubkov was Russia’s prime minister. Many consider him Putin’s trusted counsel and closest confidant.

Members of the board of trustees who openly support Putin include 71-year-old Sergei Mironov and 56-year-old Leonid Slutsky.

The powerful energy firm Gazprom, which Putin has used to further his political goals, is presently chaired by Zubkov.

Several dubious deaths have occurred inside the organization as a result of Putin’s intervention in the Ukrainian war.

Investigators are trying to pin down the specific reason Aoki died. ​​It seems that the businessman’s death was not caused by anything nefarious, according to a source inside the law enforcement agency.