Canada To Vote On Motion Backing Palestinian Statehood

Parliament in Canada, in line with official policy, passed a resolution late Monday calling on the world community to work toward a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Disagreements over the wording endorsing Palestinian statehood arose at the last minute, delaying the vote and threatening to drive a wedge between the governing Liberal Party.

The left-leaning NDP party in power was the first to put forth the motion. They feel that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not done enough to protect Gazan residents, and they are unhappy about it. The amended motion was passed with 204 votes in favor and 117 against. It also contained stronger wording condemning the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Several Liberal cabinet members supported the resolution, notably the Jewish Ya’ara Saks.

The Liberals and the New Democratic Party met behind closed doors to discuss the proposed modification, which would urge world leaders to work together to establish a Palestinian state as part of a two-state solution.

The original text asked the Group of Seven industrialized nations to recognize the State of Palestine, but thus far, none have done so.

Last week, Canada announced that beginning in January, it will temporarily cease the transfer of non-lethal military hardware to Israel. Amidst growing criticism of Israel’s military operation in Gaza in response to Hamas’ assault on Israel on October 7, Trudeau has voiced his support for Israel’s right to self-defense.

All military hardware and technology exchange with Israel was to be halted under the original plan. The statement stressed the need for a quick end to the fighting, the end of the illicit flow of weapons to Hamas, and the prompt release of all hostages captured in the attack on October 7.

Israeli Ambassador Iddo Moed voiced his opposition to the original plan to have a vote on Palestinian statehood, saying that it might escalate violence and make a peaceful end to the conflict more unlikely.