Burglar’s Failed Break-In Caught On Video

Sabastian Beltran, 21, has been taken into custody by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) following a failed attempt to break into a residence on San Antonio’s Northwest Side. The event occurred on March 16th, close to where Galm Road and Culebra Road meet. Beltran, a stocky Hispanic man with spectacles, a mustache, and tattoos, tried to pry open the door to the house. To check whether anyone was home, he went up to the house and knocked. When no one answered, it led him to believe the house was unoccupied, so he attempted to gain entrance.

In the video, Beltran seems to place his hand over the front door camera as if trying to keep from being recorded. After knocking on the door and yanking on the security door, he tried to use a tool that deputies called a “prybar” to break it open. He glanced at what was assumed to be his lookout and asked them what they should do. He then returned to his efforts to get inside.

After the suspect heard screams from inside the house and saw youngsters, he drew back from the door, signaled to his lookout to be silent, and then ran away.

Over the weekend, deputies received many tips about Beltran. On Sunday, Beltran did show up at the BCSO headquarters for an interview. Beltran allegedly admitted to the burglary to a lesser extent, which allowed officers to secure an arrest warrant for him. He faces third-degree felony charges for an attempted break-in with the intent to steal.

During the attempted burglary, Beltran was thought to have had an accomplice, and deputies are currently looking for him. Following its online distribution by the sheriff’s office, the doorbell footage of the attempted burglary on Saturday afternoon quickly went viral. Information, including Beltran’s contact number, started trickling in.

After experiencing financial difficulties, he decided to target this residence because he believed it would be easy to get into.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is currently on the hunt for a suspect and someone they believe was watching him during an attempted break-in on the Far West Side.