Biden’s Brother Probed In Connection To Fraud Case

In 2023, the DOJ probed James Biden’s actions concerning a Medicare scam case involving a profitable Americore transaction. The investigation’s focus may have included President Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden.

On March 15th, the Justice Department (DOJ) formally charged Keaton Langston, a Mississippi businessman and associate of James Biden, with conspiracy to defraud Medicare.

The SEC accused Americore’s Pennsylvania hospital of participating in a plan to cheat Medicare, and the lucrative Americore agreement was the subject of the lawsuit.

James Biden and Langston were both associated with Americore.  James worked with Americore to attract investors from outside the country and helped them get governmental licenses to buy a hospital in Pennsylvania.

According to two media sources, federal agents in South Florida have launched a second investigation into the Americore deal, which involves transactions associated with Jim Biden. A report states that it is unknown if James Biden is the subject of the second investigation.

Florida investigators are looking into an Americore deal to which James Biden was a party. The arrangement reportedly included loans that an investment fund managed by an associate of Biden’s extended to Americore.

In a February congressional testimony, James Biden acknowledged that he had been paid to secure loans for the Americore. Last October, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) disclosed that Biden had taken a $200,000 loan from Americore and had also written a check to Joe Biden for the same amount.

Joe Biden received a $200,000 contribution from James Biden, although Biden insists the two had no prior business ties. He claims that Joe Biden loaned him money and that the check served as a repayment.

Still, an undisclosed complaint asserts that James Biden was improperly compensated via the Americore deal.

In a 2022 lawsuit brought by Third Friday Total Return Fund investors, plaintiffs claimed that the fund’s management embezzled millions of dollars by providing Americore with fraudulent loans and then giving around $600,000 to Jim Biden.

There is an undisclosed connection between the Bidens and the loans. In a few of the deals under scrutiny, the lender was represented by George Mesires, a lawyer previously used by Jim and Hunter Biden (the son of Joe Biden).

Neither the Palm Beach suit nor the criminal inquiry have specifically mentioned Jim Biden as a defendant. Thus, it is currently unknown if his actions are under scrutiny.