Biden Admin Pushed Child Sex Changes Knowing It Might Be Harmful

According to public documents, the HHS promoted sex-change treatments to families with small children while funding research into a laundry list of potentially harmful medical effects linked with transgenderism.

Departmental records show that President Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services (HHS)  actively supported transgenderism and encouraged the use of hormone treatment on adolescents. Federal expenditure records reveal that the HHS was supporting research into the potential effects of transgender medical interventions on a variety of health risks, including but not limited to cancer, chronic headaches, infections, retarded bone development, and Alzheimer’s.

A document issued by the  HHS in April 2022 claimed that ‘transgender’ and ‘nonbinary’ kids and teens must get early gender-affirming therapy for the sake of their mental health and overall welfare.

Treatment options include hormone replacement, social support, gender-affirming surgery, and puberty blockers. The paper claimed that hormone treatment was partly reversible and that inhibitors of puberty were also reversible.

The agency published a study in March 2023 stating that hormone treatment, pubertal suppression, and other forms of gender-affirming medical care had improved the health of transgender and gender-variant youth.

Gender-affirming care is a catch-all term, including procedures like chemical castration, mastectomy, phalloplasty, and vaginoplasty, as well as hormone therapy that may lead to permanent reduction of hormone levels.

Due to an absence of high-quality scientific information about the long-term effects of child sex organ modifications, the World Health Organization, or WHO, declined to provide health guidelines for transgender children in a paper that was issued in January.

Hormone treatment, which involves the administration of estrogen or testosterone, is often used by transgender people to enhance their physical and mental well-being. HHS financed researchers to analyze the influence of estrogen exposure on the prognosis of breast cancer patients, as estrogen is an indicator of risk for this disease.

The risk of vaginal infections from bacteria among transgender women using testosterone was also the subject of a study at the University of Alabama, which received $440,000.

University of California, San Diego researchers will use $1.1 million from the Defense Department to examine the correlation between sex hormones and cancer of the prostate in transgender and gender nonconforming individuals.