SHOCKING Legislation – Chemtrails CONFIRMED!?

The Tennessee State Senate just weighed in on the longstanding “chemtrail” controversy by passing SB 2691/HB 2063.

The bill prohibits geoengineering activities that involve releasing chemicals into the atmosphere. State Senator Steve Southerland pushed the bill through the Senate on Monday the 17th of March. State Representative Monty Fritz is now sponsoring the companion bill in the House, which is set to be reviewed by the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

Underlying the legislation is the conviction that the federal government and other parties acting on its behalf might disperse chemicals into the atmosphere in an attempt to affect the weather. Some such experiments occur—or, at least, might occur—within the borders of the State of Tennessee. The new law outlaws activity of this sort.

Should it pass the House and receive the governor’s signature, the law is slated to take effect on July 1, 2024, the early enactment date indicating the weight the bill’s sponsors give the issue, characterizing it as a matter of “public welfare.”

The law follows reports that a private firm, Make Sunsets, has launched weather balloons in Mexico that allegedly released sulfur particles in the atmosphere. CEO Luke Iseman argues that such experiments are necessary to develop a technological toolkit to hedge against the dangers posed by global climate change.

Make Sunsets aims to cool the planet as quickly as they deem responsible, and to profit from developing such tools through selling so-called “cooling credits,” priced at $10 per gram of carbon released into the stratosphere.

If passed, the Tennessee law will mark a new turning point in the cultural battle over geoengineering. Tennessee will be the first state to pass a law outlawing geoengineering activities within its borders, setting up what may ultimately be a Constitutional showdown with the Federal government over who controls the skies for the purposes of atmospheric manipulation. Time will tell whether other states will follow its lead.