Monica Lewinsky Makes Major Comeback

Reformation, the sustainable clothing brand, has recently unveiled its latest campaign, “You’ve Got the Power,” which introduces a new workwear line and encourages voter registration. Spearheading this dual initiative is Monica Lewinsky, who has long been an advocate for empowering women.

Lewinsky, renowned for her anti-bullying activism, is featured in a series of Reformation business attire on the campaign’s landing page. The primary goal is to motivate people to vote in the upcoming general election on November 15th, emphasizing the importance of registering at least 15 days prior.

Reformation commends Monica Lewinsky for her dedication to women’s empowerment, noting, “Monica has long been a force in encouraging women to find and use their voices, instilling a sense of strength. Thus, it’s only natural she would join us in this mission. While we recognize that fabulous attire isn’t a cure-all, donning them and heading to the voting booth is an excellent beginning.”

The 50-year-old Lewinsky first rose to prominence over 25 years ago when news broke of her affair with then-President Bill Clinton during her internship at the White House. Since then, she has consistently made headlines for her advocacy work, particularly in the fight against bullying.

Lewinsky highlighted the importance of Voting, saying, “Voting is our way of making sure our voices are heard, representing the most crucial and potent element of democracy. Voting is always critical, yet it’s particularly vital this year due to rising voter frustration and indifference, which could significantly affect turnout.”

According to Elle magazine, this marks the third presidential election year in which Reformation has organized a get-out-the-vote campaign. This time, the company has partnered with to amplify their efforts.

Reformation’s landing page for the campaign highlights their commitment to people and the planet, stating, “Prioritizing people and the planet has always been a big part of what we do. Voting is one major way to do that.”

With Lewinsky’s involvement, Reformation’s workwear line and voter registration drive aim to inspire individuals to exercise their right to vote, recognizing the potential for real change that lies within each person’s voice. By combining fashion and activism, this campaign seeks to engage and motivate a wide range of individuals, ultimately positively impacting the upcoming election.