Fist Fight Breaks Out On Southwest Airlines Flight

Halloween is a truly fun holiday. For children, the day is often highlighted by jovial, hearty and “spooky” festivities. The holiday is also a unique expression of individualism and an example of the prominence of that trait in historic American culture. Many diverse costumes are chosen and worn by young people across the country in search of yummy candy. The holiday is a modern creation, but the general period surrounding Halloween has been celebrated by various European groups in the western world since the time of the pagan religions before Christianity eventually dominated the continent.

While Halloween in general is a happy and harmless holiday, the darker reality of the deteriorating quality of American life appears to be unavoidable in the present era. In Tampa, Florida, a gun-fight style shooting incident occurred during pre-Halloween celebrations. Two individuals lost their lives as a result of the incident and an additional eighteen others were wounded in the tragic episode. There is a saying often quipped in America that nothing good every happens after midnight. Just before the witching hour (3 a.m.), the shooting occurred around several clubs and bars near the 1600 section of East 7th Avenue in Tampa. The Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw claimed that the occurrence was a fight between two groups of people. Hundreds of innocent people were literally caught in the crossfire of the incident. At least one individual turned himself in to custody following the tragic episode. The two people killed were just 22 and an even more alarming 14 years of age.

In more recent days, violence erupted on the flight of a South West Airlines Aircraft. Two airplane passengers got into a lengthy argument and that argument eventually erupted into a Physical altercation. The fistfight occurred onboard the flight, and then eventually the flight attendants and other airline employees had to step in and diffuse the tense situation. The state of society is poor.