Dems Line Up Behind Kamala In Wake Of Pelosi Comment

After Democrats flocked to support Vice President Kamala Harris in the days after Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) failed to offer her a full-throated endorsement, CNN analyst Errol Louis joked on Monday that someone received a ‘message.’

Pelosi appeared on CNN and declined to say whether or not Harris is Biden’s best choice for VP.

Pelosi told Anderson Cooper that Biden believes Harris is a good running mate, and that is what counts.

Cooper then asked about Harris’ qualifications.

Pelosi explained that Harris is vice president. The question of why isn’t Harris doing this or that is one she often hears. But you really don’t do that much as vice president.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out Democrat Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin for avoiding a similar question. But at least Raskin finally did say that he agreed with Biden that Harris would be a great running mate. Raskin added that the policy record was solid.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat from New York, also praised Harris on Sunday, saying she would be a solid choice for Biden’s running mate.

On a recent episode of “CNN This Morning,” anchor Poppy Harlow asked the panel if all of the statements were coincidental.

Louis explained it wasn’t. Someone must have made a few phone calls about this. The concept, which he suggested originated from the Republicans, is that a vote for Biden is a vote for Harris, so let’s attack Harris. He believes that not vigorously hitting back doesn’t help Biden. They realized they had to protect the black vice president to hold onto black women’s votes, a large demographic for the Democrat party.

In the latter half of June, an NBC News survey found that 49% had a poor impression of Vice President Kamala Harris, while 32% had a favorable one.

Harris has the lowest net approval rating of any vice president in NBC News poll history, at -17.

According to NBC News Poll, in October 2019, Vice President Mike Pence was 34% favorable and 38% negative (-4).

In December 2010, Joe Biden was 34% favorable,
33% negative (+1).

Dick Cheney was 47% favorable,
24% negative (+23) in May 2003.

The March 1995 survey rated Al Gore 42% favorable,
27% negative (+15).