Undercover Journalist Infiltrates Migrant Camp

O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) undercover reporters broke into the No Más Muerte (No More Deaths) illegal immigration camp in the Arizona desert.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson runs the camp, which is situated around 30 miles north of the border. Workers assert that the location was private property, and confirmation that No Mas Muerte was operating on the grounds led workers to swiftly tell James O’Keefe and another undercover journalist, who had entered the camp pretending to be land surveyors, to leave, as seen in the video.

No Mas Muerte is a religious ministry that receives a yearly budget of $400,000 and employs around five people, according to a journalist with OMG who posed as a contributor representing the Unitarian Universalist religious of Tucson.

“No More Deaths” appears to use its relationship to evade filing IRS documents of financial transparency (IRS Form 990) under an IRS exemption for religious organizations,” O’Keefe noted in a post on X.

Workers at No Mas Muerte welcomed Cesar, an illegal immigrant whom OMG had dispatched to enter the camp in an undercover operation. Although the camp is generally a secure haven for immigrants, Cesar was informed by an organization employee that there is always the possibility of danger. Another No Mas Muertes employee inquired as to whether or not the undercover journalist had encountered white nationalists posing as employees.

Two guys, one from Sonora—a notorious hub for people smuggling and cartel activity—arrived at the camp and started communicating with the undercover journalist, turning the tables on the scenario. The lady working with No Mas Muertes informed the undercover journalist that they were concerned that the journalist might be another one of their tricks.

After becoming stuck on a gravel road while trying to be picked up by the OMG squad, Cesar had no choice but to return to camp at nighttime. Cesar asserts that he was coerced into going to the camp, where he was detained at gunpoint, and that O’Keefe was compelled to go, demand his release, and then drive him to safety.

According to O’Keefe’s X post, he and his fellow OMG journalists “infiltrated” the “converted illegal immigrant compound” that Casa Alitas allegedly administers.