Trump Accuses Migrants Of Sparking US Crime Spree

Last month, former President Trump criticized Joe Biden’s policies on illegal immigration and the border and talked about the surge in criminal activity perpetrated by illegal immigrants.

In the midst of a surge in violent crime arrests of illegal immigrants, Trump made his remarks only days before his scheduled visit to the border on February 29th. In a video shared on Truth Social, Trump strongly criticized the Biden administration for releasing Jose Ibarra in September 2022. Ibarra was subsequently charged with the slaying of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley of Georgia.

According to Trump, illegal immigration criminality is sweeping the US. Dangerous Illegal migrants from all over the globe were permitted to settle in American towns, posing a threat to our citizens, from the very beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency. Laken Riley is the most recent casualty of Joe Biden’s planned assault on the border. She was attacked, beaten, kidnapped, and murdered by a Biden migrant. He asked how many more lives would have to be lost before we put an end to this invasion.

A massive deportation effort and border security were two of Trump’s campaign promises.

More news of significant criminal charges against illegal aliens surfaced within days after Riley’s death.

Biden unexpectedly scheduled his own border visit on the same day as Trump’s planned visit on February 29th. Biden traveled to quiet Brownsville, Texas, where locals openly mocked him, while Trump went to Eagle Pass, Texas, where illegal migrants are constantly crossing the border.

Last weekend, the mother of 22-year-old Laken Riley posted a moving tribute to her daughter, in which she celebrated her life and said that her death could have been prevented.

Riley’s mom, Allyson Phillips, wrote on her Facebook page about how God’s love was helping her through this terrible time.

The Biden administration continues to deny responsibility for Riley’s murder.  In Georgia, legislators have legalized the arrest, detention, and eventual expulsion of illegal immigrants. It is up to the Georgia Senate to approve the bill.