Toby Keith Smashes Records After Death

In the United States of America, over a period of about the last 50 years following the rise of commercial music, influential artists and record labels, many seemingly normal people have reached stardom. In this period of time, there has been an overarching tendency for many of these individuals to become intoxicated with their newly acclaimed celebrity status and meet solemn and tragic ends. There have been ample accounts of sorrowful expirations to many iconic performers. Many of these individuals become addicted to drugs and alcohol, and others make poor decisions and succumb to the pressure of being squarely in the limelight after being placed on a pedestal.

Towards the end of 2023, Matthew Perry, an actor from the show Friends, was found dead at his home in Los Angeles California. Matthew Perry was well-liked and was amongst the more popular characters on the show over the years due to his comedic talents. He passed away at the age of 54. Chandler Bing was the character that Perry portrayed on the show. Perry was often placed in roles of interaction with many beautiful women of the time, including Jill Goodacre, Julia Roberts, and Maggie Wheeler. Perry was found in a hot tub at his home. Many thought he initially may have drowned. He had played two hours of pickleball before sending a house staff member on an errand. When this individual returned, Perry was found unresponsive and paramedics were called. No hard drugs were located.

In a more recent development, the country singer Toby Keith passed away after an extended battle with cancer. Posthumously, Keith’s music has soared. Keith died on February 5th from stomach cancer. Toby Keith’s 35 Biggest Hits album soared to the top of the billboard 200 after he died. Keith now joins the ranks of other stars like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and others who accomplished this remarkable feat in the months and years after death.