Russia’s Dark War Secret Leaks

According to UK intelligence, Russia can produce 100 tanks each month, which means it can maintain its offensive effort level even after incurring heavy casualties.

According to an intelligence report released on Monday by the UK Defense Ministry, Russian ground forces have suffered losses of over 360 main battle tanks since early October, which equates to about 100 tanks a month.

They can be replaced, according to the report.

According to the ministry, Russia can probably generate at least 100 MBTs a month, retain the capacity to replace battlefield losses and continue this offensive activity for the foreseeable future.

At a time when Ukraine is receiving dubious backing from the West—the source of its more advanced tank types and much of its weaponry—Russia can maintain its current level of attack.

Experts and weapons trackers have determined that Russia has lost a significantly more significant number of tanks and vehicles in the conflict compared to Ukraine.

Russia, however, has the upper hand due to the waning backing from the West. Ukraine requires assistance to maintain operational weapons and tank fleets.

Republicans in the US are blocking more aid for Ukraine. Even to fix weapons that have already been shipped to Ukraine, the Pentagon stated, there is no money.

The powerful Leopard tanks that Germany supplied to Ukraine are only being used by a few Ukrainian forces, according to a German legislator, due to a shortage of spare parts and lengthy repair times.

Despite Hungary’s blockage of a $52 billion aid plan, several European countries continue to assist Ukraine.

According to experts, Russia has a leg up over Ukraine in terms of resources, industry, and labor force. Russia seems to have restored its depleted missile stockpiles by increasing manufacturing after ramping up its production capacity.

While tank casualties were high for Ukraine when its counteroffensive began in June, they appear to have decreased since then.

Analysts say that whereas Russia kept making the same tactical blunders and suffered repeated tank losses, Ukraine reacted swiftly and learned from its mistake.