Russia Threatens To Unleash Nukes On London If They Lose Ukraine

If Russia loses the conflict in Ukraine, it will unleash its whole arsenal of missiles on London, according to a stern threat it gave to the West.

Moscow is prepared to unleash Armageddon on its foes if they were to lose the fight, according to Putin loyalist and former president Dmitry Medvedev (2008–2012).

If he loses, Putin may be forced by the West to return to the boundaries established in 1991 if he is not allowed to retain portions of Ukraine that he had invaded.

Someone with deep ties to Putin has said there would be inevitable consequences for those who want to return Russia to those boundaries.

In a menacing tone, Medvedev went on to ask if anybody would have the guts to do anything if their glorious Motherland—a nation that has been for a thousand years—were to vanish and all the blood and treasure that the Russian people had shed over the years would have been for nothing. He said he can tell you the answer.

Medvedev commented on Telegram, saying the world is crumbling before our own eyes, and the Russian people won’t tolerate this division of their country.

After his tirade, he questioned Russia’s choice between a nuclear-armed nation and one that is teetering on the edge of collapse until it completely disappears.

He reminded all that more than 6,000 lethal weapons were in the possession of the Russian commander and said their hypersonic nuclear missile could hit several historical locations.

Putin brought up formidable weaponry, including what he called “unstoppable” missiles, in his contentious conversation with Tucker Carlson.

Echoing Medvedev, he said their hypersonic systems have achieved intercontinental range, and they are constantly striving to improve them, claiming to have surpassed the US and other nations in developing hypersonic attack systems.

Putin boasts about having all the gear he could need and has highlighted the devastating might of his weaponry.

If the West gets engaged in the conflict in Ukraine, Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons, he bragged.

Before claiming he wasn’t bluffing, he made a vague threat to destroy the West.