PICS Show Devastation Of California Storms

Over the last year or so, many freaky weather patterns and naturally occurring incidents have resulted in serious infrastructural problems within the United States. In the summer of 2023, massive wildfires in Maui, Hawaii completely devastated the small island community. Many people perished, scores of homes were destroyed, and the entire state of affairs in the region was thrown into chaos. The incidents were deemed the deadliest wildfires in American history. It is not known who or what really caused the blaze or if it was actually naturally occuring, but the electric company known as Hawaiian electric has become a key target in terms of allegations for the root causes of the fires.

Also in the American Pacific region and the southwest, massive hurricanes slammed into parts of southern California in the late summer. Scores and scores of massive amounts of rainfall caused widespread flooding, residential and commercial damages, and even mud slides. In many regions of the state which had previously been considered vulnerable to drought and has experienced water shortages, more rainfall was deposited in a singular day than had been done over the course of an entire year. In both Hawaii and California, inspiring stories emerged of local community members, first responders and private institutions banding together to assist people in the recovery process in many ways. In the southeast, Hurricane Idalia wreaked havoc on the western Gulf Coast of Florida and then moved up the southeastern region of the United States. Massive flooding also occurred in this region.

Record rainfall has continued in California in the 2024 calendar year. In early February massive amounts of rainfall in the southern region of the state has led to mass flooding, power outages and mudslides. Parts of the state witnessed over a foot of rain. Bel Air received over 12 inches, Los Angeles received 7 and Beverly Hills received 8. Freaky weather patterns are unpredictable, uncertain and downright scary.