Kremlin Rages Over Germany’s Alleged Plan To Attack

Russian news outlets released a controversial audio recording last week of a meeting of high-ranking German military officials.

In an effort to sow discord in Europe, the Kremlin claimed that Russia leaked an intercepted video of German military talks over how to back Ukraine against the invasion. The participants discussed armaments for Ukraine and the possibility of an attack on a Crimean bridge by Kyiv.

The 38-minute conversation was legitimate, according to Germany, which is examining what it claims is an apparent eavesdropping operation by Russia as part of an “information war.”

The conversation discusses the potential shipment of Taurus cruise missiles to Kyiv despite Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s stated rejection of the idea. Additionally, it discusses how the United Kingdom and France are implementing and managing their shorter-range cruise missile programs. Despite the lack of official reaction from the Allies, experts predict that the tape will strain relations since it exposes the depth of Germany’s unwillingness to get too engaged in the war and is another significant security violation.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak informed reporters that the leak was being investigated by Germany. He also emphasized that Britain will maintain its collaboration with Germany in order to provide help to Ukraine.

Conservative politician and former parliamentary defense committee chair Tobias Ellwood said on BBC Radio Four Today that, given Russia’s extensive espionage activities, the leak likely did not teach the country anything new.

One of Germany’s recent humiliating security disclosures was the arrest of a German Foreign Intelligence Service employee in late 2022 on suspicion of espionage for Russia. According to the Kremlin, the tape revealed that the German military was planning attacks on Russian territory and raised doubts about Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s command and control abilities.