GOP Star Crashes After Controversial Move

Alabama Senator Katie Britt, who delivered the Republican response to the president’s March 7 State of the Union address, was accused of lying about the terrifying human trafficking story she recounted in her remarks, CBS News reported.

Critics accused Britt of trying to imply that the story of Karla Jacinto Romero occurred when Joe Biden was in office, however, Britt insisted that this wasn’t the case.

In her remarks, Britt recounted meeting an adult woman who at the age of 12 was trafficked and brutally abused by criminal cartels.

As she wrapped up the story, blasted the Biden administration for its disgraceful border policies and said Americans would not tolerate that kind of horror in a “third-world country” and said it was time for the country to start acting like the United States of America.

Karla Jacinto Romero’s horrific trafficking experience occurred when George W. Bush was president. Critics immediately seized on that fact to accuse Senator Britt of suggesting that her story was linked to President Biden’s border policies.

However, Britt insisted that this was not the case.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday” on March 10, the freshman senator explained that she met Jacinto when she and two other senators participated in a roundtable discussion with victims of trafficking during a visit to the border last year. 

Britt said she made it clear in her SOTU response that Karla Jacinto Romero was a child when she was trafficked and insisted that she was not trying to imply that her experience happened while Joe Biden was president.

She explained that she recounted Jacinto’s story to compare what she had done about the border in her first 100 days in the Senate to what little President Biden has done since he took office.

Britt said Jacinto’s experience was happening to many other women today due to the Biden administration’s open border policies.