GOP Senator Is Not Happy About Trump/Biden Rematch

Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy described the impending Biden-Trump rematch as a “sorry state of affairs” and suggested that many Americans are considering a third-party candidate because they “have reservations” about both major party nominees, NBC News reported.

While appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on March 17, Cassidy was asked to respond to Trump’s recent comments suggesting that not all illegal aliens are people.

Cassidy described the comment as “dehumanizing” and said Trump’s rhetoric “reflected poorly.” He said that it was this kind of rhetoric that gave so many voters “reservations” about electing Trump in 2024.

The Louisiana Republican added that the only thing Trump had going for him was that he was running against the deeply unpopular Joe Biden, whom voters “also have reservations” about.

Cassidy said this was why voters “are considering third parties” in the presidential election, adding, “It’s a sorry state of affairs.”

When asked if he would endorse Trump in November, Cassidy said he would answer in the same way he always does when asked that question. He explained that he planned to vote for the Republican candidate for president.

Cassidy was one of the few GOP Senators to vote to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial.

When asked about Trump’s promise to “free” some of the people convicted for their role in the January 6 riot, Cassidy said Trump would be sending the “wrong signal” by pardoning January 6 defendants.

When asked if he thought Trump would follow the Constitution if he returned to the White House, Cassidy dismissed the question as a “hypothetical” and noted that President Biden was not following the Constitution when he “attempted to forgive student loans” and was stopped by the Supreme Court.

Cassidy said that the government has a system of checks and balances to ensure that if the president acts against the Constitution “they can be theoretically checked.”