Biden Mocks Trump’s Instant-Hit Golden Sneakers

President Trump’s unveiling of the $399 Never Surrender shoes at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia starkly contrasts the Trumpian merchandise he has been peddling for the last few months.

A big stamped “T” appears on the side and tongue of these high-top shoes, with an American flag wrapped around the ankle and red soles that match his signature red ties and the flag. Like President Trump, they are characterized as bold and gold.

According to Michael Tyler, a spokesperson for the Biden campaign, the shoes are an effort to link Trump with the athleticism and energy symbolized by the “Just Do It” concept and the coolness inherent in sneaker culture. Despite appearances, the merchandise is more risky than it seems. Since the shoes’ release, many have poked fun at the idea that Trump, who has been fined millions of dollars in fines for his many legal lawsuits, must find a way to increase his income.

The 45Footwear LLC is not associated with Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization, or any of its principals or affiliates in any way with the shoes’ design, production, distribution, or sale. That business gets its license to use the Trump name and likeness from CIC Ventures LLC, located at the same West Palm Beach, Florida location as the Trump International Golf Club. Like his Trump NFT website, Mr. Trump is anticipated to collect a license fee from the Trump sneaker website.

The 1,000 pairs of numbered Never Surrender sneakers have sold out, so the only options left are the less attractive T-Red cherry knit sneakers and Potus 45 white knit sneakers, both of which cost $199 apiece. It’s hard to see how these shoes might be helpful for anything. But the boots serve another purpose: they turn his legal predicament into a commodity that can be used for political gain.

It was to be expected that the Biden campaign would criticize Donald Trump’s most recent endeavor: selling gold shoes for $399. One day after being fined over $355 million in his New York civil fraud case, the ex-president unveiled the “Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker” at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia.

According to some of Trump’s detractors, the president is allegedly seeking unconventional ways to swiftly finance the $88.3 million judgment from the E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit and the civil fraud verdict.