Armed Homeowner Thwarts Invader Who Made Scene At Hooters

According to authorities, a homeowner in Lee County shot at a Florida man who had previously been wanted for causing chaos and mayhem at a Hooters restaurant.

According to local reports, Hugh McMenamin, 44, was apprehended last week during an attempted break-in at a Cape Coral residence, during which he caused extensive damage. Police have said that earlier last Friday evening, McMenamin reportedly caused a disturbance by refusing to leave a Hooters restaurant, which led to a subsequent targeted break-in at a nearby property.

His motives were murky, but his behavior was intrusive. McMenamin showed his criminal tenacity by tearing through the homeowner’s fence before kicking in the front door. He left behind a path of devastation and a clue to his identity when he lost his mother’s debit card in the middle of the attempted break-in.

The scenario worsened when the homeowner, faced with an invader, made a swift and potentially deadly decision. Fearing for their safety, the homeowner opened fire on McMenamin.

Although neither the homeowner nor the perpetrator sustained any physical injuries, the emotional and psychological impact took its toll. In addition, the home invader caused about $3,000 worth of property damage.

McMenamin is facing charges such as burglary of an occupied building, criminal damage to property, and criminal trespass.

It was not McMenamin’s first run-in with the cops that night when he was arrested. There seems to be a disturbing pattern of conduct given his history of arrests, which includes aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon in 2021. His most recent criminal venture fits his M.O.

Community members are again discussing the difficulties of reducing recidivism and maintaining public safety due to this tragedy.

There are far-reaching consequences for McMenamin’s conduct, and the people of Cape Coral are still trying to make sense of what happened that night. Although the altercation concluded with his arrest, the homeowner is still dealing with the mental anguish.

As of Sunday, he is still being held in custody. But for how long?