“Young Turks” Producer Leaves Show Over Alleged “Phobia”

On Tuesday, a transgender producer for The Young Turks said they quit the show because of the hosts’ transphobia.

Ex-producer Bennie Carollo posted a video on YouTube explaining why they are leaving the network. Carollo, a trans woman, claims that they and other trans people have found the transphobia of The Young Turks presenters Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur intolerable in recent months.

Carollo said they’ve made a U-turn and are now engaging in “right-wing grift.” 

In April, Kasparian tweeted her disapproval of the phrase “birthing person,” which is often used to refer to biological mothers. Furthermore, Carrolo claimed to have spoken with Uygur, who allegedly rejected his worries that the program had become transphobic and accused him of “living in a bubble.”

Carollo also complained that the hosts seemed uncomfortable with the idea of biological men competing in sports traditionally associated with women.

Similarly, Carollo disagreed with Kasprian’s defense of journalist Jesse Singal. He has long been seen as “transphobic” by many trans activists due to his reporting on the dangers of gender surgery.

According to Carollo, Ana Kasparian seems fully immersed in conspiracy theories against trans people.

Kasparian has made some recent comments on the topic of gender ideology. A vocal opponent of “inclusive” language, she pleaded with the public in March to not refer to her as a birthing person, a person with a uterus, or a person who menstruates.

She said on her YouTube program that a Black commenter in a previous argument had labeled her a “racist” for rejecting phrases like “birthing person.” Kasparian continued, saying that the activist responded to her criticism: “You’re attacking me and only me because I’m Black!”

This is a case where the left is not liking the taste of their own medicine.