Worried Democrats Share Ominous Theories Why Biden’s Not Dropping Out

Some leading Democrats are so concerned about the ailing health of President Joe Biden that some are even worried that there might be a shadow group that wants to keep him atop the party so they’re able to pull whatever levers they want.

New York magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi recently covered this theory in a published article, revealing that there are some elites in the Democratic Party who aren’t sure why Biden is being allowed to continue seeking re-election, even as his health seems to be fading fast.

In her piece, Nuzzi wrote that she heard some high-ranking liberals from both coasts posing questions about whether Biden is just serving as a puppet for a group of Democrats who are operating secretively behind the scenes to run the country.

The irony of all of this, she continued, is that this theory is one that many MAGA Republicans have proposed this same theory. Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has even said in the past that he believed that former President Barack Obama is still the one pulling all the strings in the Biden administration, even though he has no official role in it.

Certainly, Obama is still a major force in the Democratic Party, with liberals all over the country turning to him when things get tough.

Earlier this week, Trump said as much while attending an event in New Hampshire, as he said:

“It’s never been worse than it is now under crooked Joe Biden, and frankly, his boss, Barack Hussein Obama. I think it’s his boss.”

There isn’t any evidence that Obama is serving in this role, but the fact that even liberals are proposing it as a possibility could go to show just how worried Democrats are about where things stand with Biden right now.

Nuzzi wrote that as more and more powerful Democrats become concerned with Biden’s well-being, and whether he could actually beat Trump at the polls, the calls for him to step aside and allow another candidate to emerge are likely to get louder.

Biden floundered repeatedly during last week’s first presidential debate, which brought to the forefront major questions about his age and whether he’s mentally capable to take on the job for four more years.

Many Democrats came out publicly and said that they believed the president should step aside and allow another candidate to challenge Trump. 

In Nuzzi’s piece, she wrote about how Biden continues to rely on teleprompters during speeches, even if he’s attending a small, intimate gathering. And even when he does that, his speech often “dissolve [into an] incoherent gurgle,” Nuzzi wrote.

It’s not just skeptics within the Democratic Party, but some of Biden’s closest friends and allies, who have privately expressed shock at Biden’s recent behavior and his performance in last week’s debate.

The Intelligencer, for instance, recently published a report that Biden is having trouble remembering the names of some of his long-time friends, and that he can now be easily manipulated.

This is all coming to a head, but Biden has thus far resisted calls to step aside. It’s a decision he’ll have to make soon, as there are only four months until the election.