Woman Breaks Silence Over Boyfriend’s Obsession With Neighbor

Across the world, the state of humanity is often presented to be one of chaos, selfishness, and turmoil. When studying history or observing old photographs of the state of societies in days past, many nostalgic or historically-centered intellectual individuals often quip that humanity has been on a decline for decades. Indeed, older members of elderly generations often state that days were better in the days of their youth, and the cycle continues, so on and so forth. While this negative perception of the nature of living is likely exacerbated by sensationalist media coverage that overly focusses on negative news reporting, and the fact that social media and the internet has made news and information travel at unparalleled speeds, the dark nature of human society everywhere has undoubtedly been brought to light in an increased fashion in recent days. In a sickening development, a three year old child was found dead in a bathtub in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY. One man was charged with murder. The state of affairs globally and within the domestic United States continue to deteriorate by the day, and it appears nobody is immune to these truly chaotic times.

Unfortunately, this development is just one of many tragic occurrences that are highlighted daily. A woman in Georgia went on a shooting spree in Florida. Two people were wounded before she was apprehended; the individual claimed that a higher power was directing her to commit the assaults. She now faces assault charges, including attempted murder.

In Australia, one woman who moved in with her boyfriend was appalled to discover his obsession with a female neighbor. While the boyfriend’s obsession was indeed not romantically charged, the woman was troubled as her partner possessed great malice and anger towards the woman. Despite these projected sentiments, the man continued to regularly observe the woman on a frequent basis, even refusing to close the blinds to a window showing into her residence.