Woman “Allergic To Running” Learns Her Fate After Running

Divz Mangat has had a mysterious allergy for a while now, but she thinks she finally knows what it is: running.

Divz, a 27-year-old Canadian, said for the last two months, every time she runs or is stressed out, she breaks out in hives. 

Divz has been experiencing symptoms consistent with exercise-induced anaphylaxis (EIA) for some time, but she has not seen a professional. 

This unusual condition typically manifests itself after vigorous physical exertion. Flushing, hives, swelling of the skin and lipser, and even vomiting are all possible reactions.

Dee Mangat, her sister, took a picture of the time the allergy attack began right before takeoff for Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The video of Divz’s reaction throughout the flight has been viewed more than 6.6 million times on TikTok.

The women raced through the airport to get their flight on time. When they finally made it to the entrance, Divz began to feel ill. She broke out in hives and had trouble breathing.

In extreme circumstances, blood pressure might drop suddenly, called anaphylactic shock. The victim may feel faint or faint completely. Additionally, they may have trouble breathing and eating.

There may be a connection between eating healthy and exercising for some people. Food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis describes the reaction that might occur after consuming particular meals in conjunction with physical activity.

She said she’s been to the emergency room several times because of this and is waiting on a specialist, and the hospital just isn’t able to tell her anything else right now.

Divz is overjoyed that the video’s popularity has allowed her to narrow down the possible triggers for her emotions. The similar stories from others who can relate are comforting while she waits to learn precisely what is happening.