Wimbledon Uses AI to Prevent Online Abuse of Female Tennis Stars

To prevent female Wimbledon players from being harassed online, the All England Lawn Tennis Club has implemented an AI system. 

Threat Matrix, an AI-powered tool, observes gamers’ publicly visible social media accounts and identifies racist, sexist, and death threats in 35 different languages. 

Some famous athletes who have been cyberbullied have spoken out about the experience of removing the apps Instagram and Twitter (now called X) from their mobile devices. The British No. 2 player, Harriet Dart, has stated that the “hate” she encounters online is the sole reason she hardly uses social media. According to Jamie Baker, the director of the event, the technology will also be introduced in the US Open. It was created by the artificial intelligence company Signify Group.

After a referee and his wife received abusive and threatening comments on Facebook during the World Cup, an Australian was successfully prosecuted in April.

According to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), a growing number of female tennis players are being victimized by cyberbullying. The WTA has issued a warning and called on social media companies to implement safety measures. A team of skilled analysts will examine any suspicious communications directed at the gamers, look for the worst offenders, evaluate the dangers, and delete the information if necessary.

The WTA has been collaborating with Threat Matrix, a firm that has collaborated with the AELTC and the ITF, to cover the Championships this year. The tool quickly assesses the danger, notifies the All England Club, the player’s security detail, and the authorities when it identifies “fixed threats,” and then leverages open-source intelligence to reveal the perpetrator’s identity and whereabouts.

Protecting players in last week’s qualifications, including some as young as fifteen years old, Threat Matrix has begun its work on this year’s Wimbledon. The squad will not hesitate to notify the club if they notice any suspicious behavior, such as a targeted attack on a particular player.

Additionally, Threat Matrix delivers a one-of-a-kind personalized service that helps players who get DMs with abusive or threatening messages. 

The technology has collaborated with authorities and players in the Rugby World Cup and the Fifa World Cup in Qatar.